Supervising the process of house construction


The activity of construction supervision includes strict control of the construction process and the preparation of complete construction documentation - from opening the construction site to putting the construction into operation. Qualified specialists in the relevant parts monitor the quality of the construction and installation works, require the necessary declarations of conformity for the inserted materials, protocols guaranteeing the safety and quality of the completed installations, all acts are drawn up in accordance with the current regulations.

For constructions from the first to the fourth category, a final report is prepared, which contains all the construction data and a complete inventory of the construction documentation.

The company holds Certificate No. LK–000760/02.04.2012 of the Ministry of Investment Design, Directorate for National Construction Control for carrying out the activities under Art. 166, para. 2 of the Territorial Planning Act /ZUT/ for assessing the compliance of investment projects and/or exercising construction supervision.

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Assessment of compliance of investment projects

The conformity assessment is a condition for issuing a Building Permit for first and second category constructions, mandatory, and for objects of a lower category at the request of the Contracting Authority.
All parts of the investment projects, which are grounds for issuing a Building Permit, are evaluated for their compliance with the essential requirements for construction.
After preparing the conformity assessment, the Contracting Authority submits a written application for the issuance of a Construction Permit to the chief architect of the Municipality, on the territory of which the construction is located.

· The predictions of the detailed development plan;

· the rules and regulations for the layout of the development;

· the requirements under Art. 169, para. 1 and 2;

· the mutual coherence between the parts of the project;

· completeness and structural compliance of engineering calculations;

· the requirements for the device, safe operation and technical supervision of facilities with increased danger, if any

· the specific requirements for certain types of construction according to a regulatory act, if any

·Ownership document

· Design visa, in certain cases prescribed by the Law;

· Current sketch;

· Three copies of the investment project in scope and content, determined by Ordinance 4 on the scope and content of investment projects;

· Positive opinion of the fire safety authorities for the constructions of the first, second and third category;

· Preliminary or final contracts with the operating companies for joining the technical infrastructure networks;

· Opinion of RIOSV;

· Other documents, depending on the specifics of the construction.

Busy field engineer controlling the process of house construction
Discussing construction plan

Investors control

The investor's control includes activities in which control of the quantities of executed SMRs is carried out, verification of the unit analysis prices and verification of act No. 19 for reporting the performed SMRs by the Contractor.

The purpose of the process is:

  • checking the unit analysis prices, whether they are in accordance with the agreed contractual conditions between the Employer/Investor and the Contractor of the construction site;
  • their correctness in relation to accounting standards;
  • verification of the amounts of SMR reported in act No. 19;
  • adjustments to those items that are not in accordance with the contractual terms.

Production of a technical and energy passport

The site file must be accompanied by a Technical Passport, which is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of (ORDINANCE No. 5 of 28.12.2006 on the technical passports of constructions, promulgated, SG No. 7 of 23.01.2007, amended. and add., No. 38 of 11.04.2008) and is submitted to the authority that issued the building permit and the Cadastre Agency.

The energy passport of a building is drawn up in order to assess and establish the compliance of the energy characteristics of the buildings with the normative requirements for energy efficiency and the current status of the energy consumption of the buildings during their economically justified operational period.

Mid-section of man doing technical drawing
Surveying equipment to infrastructure construction project


Tracing property boundaries, buildings and facilities and issuing a PROTOCOL for tracing, marking and coordinating land properties (Form 0540 to Art. 60, Para. 3 to Ordinance No. 3 of April 28, 2005 on the content, creation and maintenance of the cadastral map and cadastral registers)


  • Routing Plans – Routing Plans
  • Filming of built structures - buildings, facilities, underground communications
  • Photographing of existing cadastral objects to eliminate gaps and errors in the cadastral map and cadastral plans
  • Provision of location (coordinates) and elevation data for a water source or waste water discharge site required by the Basin Directorate
  • Preparation of technical assignments for the issuance of a permit for the development of a PUP
  • Investigation of deformations of buildings and facilities
  • Pre-project studies regarding terrain and routes of future constructions
  • Creation and expansion of support, work and geodetic networks for local purpose
  • Development of projects for sanitary protection zones
  • Development of projects for vertical planning
  • Development of general and detailed development plans
  • Preparation of topographical plans
  • Making combined sketches from different plans
  • Creation of a cadastral map and cadastral registers, as well as projects for their amendment
  • Development of schemes of independent objects in a building
  • Preparation of cadastral registers
  • Digitization and vectorization of maps
  • Division/consolidation of landed properties
  • Three-dimensional modeling, visualization and calculation of volumes
  • Preparation of projects for investment design
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  • Pre-investment research
  • Design services - preparation of conceptual, technical and working projects, quantity-value accounts, plan-schedules, risk management.
  • Constructive opinions
  • Author supervision
  • Technical control
  • Investors control
  • Consultations
  • Architectural surveying and legalization of existing buildings
  • Coordination of prepared project documentation
The hands of a female business brokerage are planning business investments by analyzing and
Architect calculating costs of house construction

Assessment of compliance of investment projects

In order to be able to carry out construction on a given terrain when it is out of regulation - it must be regulated, and for this purpose it is necessary to start the procedure for changing the purpose of the specific property.
The procedure for changing the status of agricultural land includes all stages up to a decision on changed purpose:

Issuance and certification of sketches, proposal for development to the chief architect of the municipality.

Preparation of PUP, submission of applications and documents for obtaining conciliatory opinions from all operating companies on the basis of Art. 121 of the ZUT. Development of a transport and communication scheme. Submission of the documents for the issuance of an Act for categorization. Submission of the file for consideration by the Land Commission.

Submitting for research (searching and announcing the development to the interested parties - the neighbors) and approving the project.

A) settlement of PI (landed property)

B) Reallocation of land for economic needs

C) Reallocation of land for the needs of infrastructure objects and engineering facilities. - creation of a working project for the construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation of linear objects.


"Ekip-MG" OOD prepares the following types of expert assessments:

  • Real estate appraisals
  • Appraisals of plots and agricultural lands

Our clients are - municipalities and municipal structures, state institutions and enterprises with state participation, banks, companies in need of revaluation of assets, individuals and legal entities in real estate transactions

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